Same college, same circles of friends, same city to settle down in, same place of work, yet these two precious people kept missing each other by the slightest bit of time. 

Lindsay graduated from Georgia Southern and left just a short while before Matt decided to come further his education at the same school. These two, now so perfect for each other, and so in love, barely missed each other. I truly believe though, everything happens for a reason. Lindsay was climbing the nursing career ladder in various cities, while Matt was earning his degree at GSU, and hanging out with some of the same friends Lindsay did before she left! Soon they both wound up in Atlanta, BOTH AT EMORY, one at the college working and one in the hospital as a nurse, but still in each others path. 

FINALLY Matt had the courage, after seeing each other run in the same circles via social media, to send the beautiful Lindsay a message, and the rest was history! Now they get to eat lunch together at work, hang out with some of the same mutual friends from college, and live right down the street from each other until they’re married, how did it take so long for them to find each other? I THINK IT WAS FATE! 

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