It's not too often you find a couple willing to brave 20 degree weather with you, or wake up at the crack of dawn, just so you can shoot at a specific location (even if it is super dreamy)! I have loved this location since Christian and I had our pictures done here by the amazing Hillary Leah Photography, back in July of last year. Granted, it was much warmer in July than it was this cold February morning... lol! BUT the pictures are worth it every time! 

Anna on the other hand was ALL FOR IT the moment I told her about the idea! I emailed her with location suggestions for their complimentary engagement session that came with their wedding package they chose... knowing good and well when she read "(this location is sunrise only for various reasons)" it would be immediately shot down. Much to my surprise she was totally down for an early morning and these two were total troopers! 

I truly enjoyed y'alls engagement session and loved getting to know y'all better before your big day! Can y'all believe its just around the corner?!?!? AHHHHH, so exciting!!! Until then, enjoy these precious photos, hang them everywhere! I promise every time you look at the giggly ones hanging on the wall they'll turn any bad day into a better one, because it'll remind you how deep your love truly runs for each other!

- Alexia Nicole