Falling in love with a military man, Kelsey knew their fairytale wedding may end up a little different than she had originally hoped or planned for. When Jonathan got word that he would have to leave sooner than expected, Kelsey couldn’t imagine her life without him and really didn’t want to be apart for such a long period of time right before their wedding! The decision was simple for both of them, they loved each other so much and really only wanted to be together, so they would elope!

When Kelsey contacted me she didn’t have a specific date or really any care for how the elopement would go, she just needed me to photograph the special moment and the mountain top view in Dahlonega GA. They knew the setting for their elopement had to be just as special as this moment for them, so being UNG students their love for the mountains were obvious, so that would be where they got married, that’s the only detail that truly mattered to them!

Sunday came around and it was raining on and off, I knew how important those mountains were to her so I gathered all of my cute clear bubble umbrellas and we headed out! Kelsey and Jonathan didn’t care one bit about the rain. They enjoyed every second of their elopement, on the mountain, with their immediate family members present to witness their marriage and to toast with!

They will still have their dream wedding with all their friends and family in October (so jealous of the photographer who gets to photograph them on their big wedding day lol I love these two! ), but how cool is it they will have already been officially married for months!