Where in the world do I begin with these two?! Erin and Bobby have trusted me completely from our first day together and for that I’ll forever be thankful. People don’t realize the impact it makes on your photographer and your final product when you’re able to just trust them. To me weddings are more than just a “big day” for a couple, it’s the day two best friends become one, the day two people promise forever filled with love through the good and bad days. The day two people choose to overcome the obstacles they’ll face together instead of letting those obstacles consume them and their relationship eventually tearing them apart.

So to me, weddings are way more than just a big day, it’s a monumental day that deserve to be enjoyed and celebrated to the fullest. So I take my job very seriously when I commit to capturing a couples wedding day. My goal is to allow you to enjoy the day fully without having to stress if I got the images you want and need, my goal is for you to be able to relax and trust me fully. These two SWEET people reminded me why I do this amazing thing that I love so much, they reminded me that hey, its worth the stress of not missing a moment, working and sweating my butt off for those full 8-10 hours, and dealing with sometimes not very nice people with a smile and kind words. They reminded me why I mask the fact we’re a little behind schedule with a smile, because it is their day, no one else’s. So if my sweet bride chooses to spend an extra 30 minutes getting into her dress because she just wants to soak in the moment, then damn, take those 30 minutes girl. My job as your person on your day is to figure out where I can make the time up, usually you don’t even know I’m figuring it out, the time just magically makes itself up and you have no idea we were ever being (unless you ask of course lol). While those things didn’t actually apply to this wedding specifically, this wedding and these people brought me so much joy that it reminded me why I do those things on the not as good days.

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far, thank you. Thank you to all of my clients who’ve become friends over the years. Thank you to the people who trust me to capture their wedding day and people who will trust me in the future. But the biggest thank you to Erin and Bobby, thank you for reminding me why I love what I do so much! Thank you for trusting me as your phtogorpehr and thank you for your constant kind words and now friendship! Your wedding day was absolutely beautiful and I hope you enjoy married life, its not always easy but it’ll always be worth it.


Venue: White Oaks Barn, Dahlonega GA // Photography: Alexia Nicole Photography // Videography: Palmetto Films Video // Hair & Makeup Artists: Perfectly Pinned Up // Wedding Dress: Wedding Angels // Florals: The Flower Garden- Patty Cummings // DJ: Pirone Entertainment- Tommy Pirone // Coordinator: Mary Lynn + Lindsey with Arrowed Beginnings // Photo Booth: Far Out Galaxy // Tuxes: Wedding Angels