FINALLY! The secret is out! Let me tell you, spending almost every weekend with one of your best friends for months and having to keep such a HUGE secret was so hard! Especially when your favorite topic of discussion is when your boyfriends are going to finally pop the question… Little did she know the whole huge plan had been in place for months!


A little Background Information:

Michael and my boyfriend Christian have been friends since they were in grade school… they’re two peas in a pod. Erin and I have been friends for about three years now, but have had the opportunity to become really close in the last year! They’re those friends you are so grateful to have because no matter what they’ll always have your back and be there for you, as we are for them and all our friends! I couldn’t be more excited for these two, they deserve all the happiness in the world, and I’m so excited to see what their future holds together!


The Proposal Story:

Now that I’ve given you the whole run down about what amazing friends these two are, I’ll talk about the longest day ever! Michael had let me know a few weeks prior to the beach trip that he wanted to propose the first day so she had the rest of vacation to celebrate their engagement and (the biggest reason-) so we didn’t have to keep the secret anymore. Us four along with two of our other good friends were staying in the same room on the beach in Panama City, FL so I was so happy to know I wouldn’t have to keep the secret much longer! We arrived Thursday super early in the morning (the day he proposed), everyone besides Erin knew what would unfold that night so we went about our day soaking up the sun! Erin thought she was going up to get ready for a free couples session on the beach to help me out with some style guide pictures (which they totally will be featured in my guide, but this was my devious plan to ensure she dressed both of them how she would want her proposal pictures to look- it worked J )! Skip to 6:45 the whole crew went down to the beach and Michael was doing a great job being his normal self so she wouldn’t suspect anything, she thought he was completely miserable during pictures- until that is I gave him the cue we had discussed. I put them in a strategic pose so I could have my boyfriend go hand him the ring box (Erin didn’t let him pick out his own pants so they would’ve shown the ring/ ring box had he carried it). “Babe can you fix the back of Michael’s shirt? It’s coming undone and looking weird in the back but I don’t want them to move I like them in this pose” … Thankfully it worked, I talked to Erin while he was placing the ring and she didn’t notice a thing! “Okay make her giggle” that was our next cue for- “Christians out of the shot you can propose now”! From there everything was a dream, I have never hit my shutter so fast, I knew every moment was going to be precious! Michael let her know he asked her parents and I got a whole second wind of emotional pics! This day was the best day, I’m so happy everything worked out perfect, and she’s now engaged to the man of her dreams!

I love y’all Erin and Michael! 

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