Have you ever walked into a room of strangers and immediately felt like a member of the family? This past Saturday that's exactly how my amazing bride, groom, and their sweet families made me feel! This one big happy family was the epitome of kind and caring southern people, which is so reassuring in this crazy world we live in today. Not only were they the nicest people EVER (I'm not kidding I'll get to all that in a second), but this place was gorgeous!!!! The house was stunning with beautiful views of sail boats on Lanier Lake, a massive swirl shaped pool, with- get this- a precious stone bridge going from one side of the pool to the other... right in front of the views of Lanier... Let me tell you these were the perfect photography spots! 

Dena inquired about her wedding photography while I was on vacation a week before her wedding. Thanks to one of my best photography girl friends, Sav (that was a mouthful lol) I received her info so we were able to chat wedding details and budget! At first I was super excited to be filling my schedule with another sweet client and their big day, but I had no clue what I was in for until I walked into the getting ready room that afternoon!

As you can see these ladies know how to have a good time, I've never been in such a relaxed and fun getting ready room until Dena and her daughters on this gorgeous day! Luckily they moved the wedding back 30 minutes so we were slightly closer to "golden hour"... or in our case, on this bright sunny day- anything less than harsh direct sunlight! 

The Heintchsels big day went on so smoothly, they were surrounded by so many of their closest friends and loved ones! I love the idea of intimate weddings, if you're able to pull it off, because they seem to be so much less stress. Dena and John cared more about the ones that shared this special day with them than any of the tiny details that in ten years don't even matter. They were a great reminder of what it's truly about and not to get caught up in the little stuff, but make sure to stay in the moment, enjoy each other, and the people who came to celebrate with you. I wish these two nothing short of a lifetime full of happiness, cowboy hats, dances, and champagne together! 

Dena and John were so excited to be in love and marrying each other their love for one another was radiant.. Anyone that was around or meets them will automatically know how strong their love is for each other. They were such a joy to be around from their kindness as soon as we arrived from the ENTIRE family (shoutout to Dena's son-Cody's wife for showing us around the property before getting ready- you looked stunning btw- as did everyone!), to trusting me as the photographer to make the right decisions (all photographers know what a blessing this is), and even insisting my second shooter and I received a plate... Now I do require that one plate be served to myself and second if applicable or allow us to leave to get food, however at such an intimate gathering with a smaller time frame that was the last thing on our mind! But nope, the ENTIRE family wouldn't have it, they kept insisting we get food, like we were one of them. They couldn't imagine us going hungry lol they're the sweetest I swear! 

If you follow me on Instagram and saw my story the night of the wedding you'll know that they even made my second shooter make her boyfriend come in from the car to eat as well... Brittany was just talking to me about him while we were getting some dessert shots, but then Kinsey hear her.... then everyone knew and lets just say they weren't having it. They are truly some of the most kind people I've ever met and I'm so blessed I had the honor of capturing this special day for them! I wish you two and your families a world of happiness and love, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be apart of your big day! 

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