Holy cow this shoot was such a blast….it may have been getting to catch up with a childhood friend, getting to see her mini me in action, or possibly the gummies, teddy grahams, and pout faces. When I say Monday’s shoot was more of a play date that work I totally mean it. I assume Aspyn feels the same way considering we played games like tag… sort of lol and she got tons of bribe treats. Well it was more like “okay Aspyn you stand here and smile, now chase me… yayyyyy cheese baby cheese, good here’s your gummy”! Sessions with little ones are always interesting but this one was just tooooo cute (I mean for real... just take a look at a few of my favorite shots...). Aspyn is a sassy one-and-a-half-year-old who loves to turn on her mommy’s car, so she can listen to the music, and shake her booty lol! She also wins the award for the most gorgeous blue eyes I’ve ever seen!


Bailey, the love and passion you have for your little girl is so obvious and radiates when you care for her or talk about her. It’s amazing to see someone I grew up with become such an amazing mommy, you’re truly an inspiration! I’m so happy I was able to freeze time for a moment to capture some sweet photographs of your baby that I know you’ll cherish forever (even the ones with a teddy graham covered face)!


I love you two and I can’t wait to watch Aspyn grown up! Is it time for another shoot yet?!?! Lol I can’t wait for the next one!