I don't typically blog many sessions because I'm technologically challenged when it comes to building my website and blogging, so it takes me ten times as long as someone else LOL! Though, I've intentionally put in time recently to blog my last few weddings. The main reason for this is to make sure I leave my clients and future clients with some of my most recent work, before I take a break from social media and blogging to focus on nursing school this coming semester and the 3 following it. I WILL be shooting weddings (and a few portrait sessions here and there), however my time for these will be limited, so I'm only taking on a few brides for 2019 (Fall & Spring) and 2020 (Spring). I WILL be taking as many summer weddings as I can book without overwhelming myself over the next two years, so if you're getting married in June or July you're in the clear! 

So now that I've explained a little bit of whats to come, I have to show you guys this sweet senior session I had the honor of capturing! This senior isn't just any senior, she's our best friends little sister, although not so little anymore! I was so excited when Morgan and Brandon asked me to capture this special time for her, but even MORE excited when I found out we were playing with horses for the majority of the session! 

I'll quit typing so y'all can see this beautiful girl already!

I hope you had as much fun as I did Alexis! Congrats on being a senior, remember to make memories and have fun, you're going to do big things girlfriend! 

~Alexia Nicole